Traffic Jam 3D

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Traffic Jam 3D is an exciting driving game where you will have the opportunity to practice your driving skills through many different races. Specifically, you will be driving through many interesting races in the Traffic Jam 3D modes. Here, you can have fun and also create your best career in the career mode. Now, learn how to play Traffic Jam 3D, choose the right game mode, and start the endless journey in this game.

Traffic Jam 3D game

Some features

Traffic Jam 3D is a fun game where you can drive through various modes. This game promises to give you a great driving experience as you experience all kinds of driving. You will drive like a typical person on the highway and also experience the exciting feeling of racers when participating in races. Not only that, but you also have the opportunity to renovate your own wonderful car. You can renovate the car through 4 parts. To be able to renovate the car or do anything else, you need money. So, participate in tournaments and earn as much money as you can. Do you trust your own driving skills? Join this game and prove you are the best driver.

This is a first-person game so the game will give you the most realistic driving experience. However, this will also make it difficult for you to observe the whole scene. You need to observe the vehicles moving around, to come up with the safest way to move. This is a driving game but you also have to have a reasonable strategy to be able to drive for a long time on this track. In addition, the game also challenges your reflexes when facing unexpected situations on the road. You have to have a really quick operation to be able to solve these situations. Don't be afraid to join this game and show off your top car skills.

Graphic design and sound effect

Traffic Jam 3D will not disappoint players with its excellent graphic design and sound effects. The game has a design of moving routes inspired by reality. Traffic Jam 3D realistically depicts highways with a constant flow of cars or races inspired by F1 races. Even when there is a collision with other cars, the game also depicts every piece of debris. Thanks to these great graphics, players feel like they are really participating in these intense races. In addition to the lively sound system, you put on headphones and feel it. This game has realistically reproduced from the sound of the car's engine to the sound of a collision. Players will be immersed in the world of professional racers. What are you waiting for without joining this fantastic game?

Custom your own car in Traffic Jam 3D

Every professional racer has his or her own racing car. So you choose an appropriate car in the garage of the game. Currently, Traffic Jam 3D has 21 different cars with their own specifications. The types of vehicles that you can buy are mini cars, pickup trucks, cars, and so on. In this game, the default car is the yellow car, this is the car that every player receives at the start of the game. This car has a pretty basic shape and a performance rating of 110. These stats can be increased when you upgrade the car. To buy other cars, you need to earn money through races. The cheapest car you can buy is a blue car. It costs five thousand dollars and has a performance rating of 156. The most expensive car you can buy is a red racing car. It costs a million dollars and has a performance rating of 475. This is a racing game, so driving skills are most important, but your car will also affect your driving experience. Choose a car and the mode below, then conquer the challenges of this game.

Play in 4 interesting modes

As I said above, you will have the opportunity to drive through many different modes. You will have the opportunity to build your career as you drive through each level in career mode. Join the endless race in Infinite mode. Have an intense driving experience in Time Against mode. Finally, practice your driving skills in Free mode. Choose the mode you want and enjoy the game.

Build your career in Traffic Jam 3D

In career mode, you will be driving through many different levels. To complete your career you have to complete 80 levels of the game. you pass these levels by completing the missions. The tasks in each level will be different, when you complete the task, a new level will be opened. The score for completing the task will be calculated by the performance rating. You drive through the checkpoints on time to set a performance rating. Every time you run through a checkpoint, you will get an additional 50 seconds of driving. If you don't drive to the checkpoint within the allotted time, the game will be over. This task makes it difficult when you have to drive fast to reach the checkpoint in the allotted time and have to avoid an accident. This mission will not be difficult for you when you have good driving skills.

Endless race in infinite mode

Since this is an endless race, this race will never end if you don't have an accident. You will be able to drive on a 1-way or 2-way track. If you want to buy a new car then you should join this mode. You can easily earn money by overtaking other cars, entering restricted roads, and moving at a fast speed. This game only really ends when you enter the forbidden lane and have an accident. In addition, you can also choose the playing scene, this mode has 3 main scenes, morning, sunset, and night. When driving at sunset, the amount of money you earn will increase by 10%. Similarly, the night view will reduce your visibility, so the amount of money you earn will increase by 20%. You should remember, the harder the scene, the more money you make. Challenge yourself in night mode and earn lots of money.

About time against mode

The race in this mode will become more intense when you have to drive in the allotted time. Each time you play you will last for 100 seconds. When you pass a car going in the same direction, you will earn an extra 0.1 seconds. You also won't have to worry about an accident in this mode, the accident will only slow down your vehicle. When the time is up, the game will summarize your achievements and convert them to bonuses. The more distance you drive, the more money you earn. In addition, this mode also has different scenes for you to choose from such as infinite mode. Play and experience all these scenes.

Practice in Free mode

As this is a free mode, you can freely practice your driving skills in this mode. You will not have to worry about time or accidents. This game will only end when you choose to leave. The free mode has aggregated all possible situations in other modes such as vehicles going in the opposite direction and cars changing lanes. From there, you can get used to the unexpected situations of the game and also practice reflexes. Train your driving skills well in this mode to be able to successfully complete the missions in other modes. Now, let's learn how to drive in this game!

How to play Traffic Jam 3D

Follow the rules

Each different mode will have its own rules, but the general rule is that you will have to drive and pass other cars safely. For the levels there are different missions, you have to complete the mission to be able to continue driving. For modes with checkpoints, you need to drive quickly through these points. The only way to prove your driving ability is to pass other cars on the road. Therefore, drive fast and pass the cars safely. If you want to earn a lot of money, drive other cars and travel long distances. Do you know the rules of the game? Now, let's play this game and make great moments in Traffic Jam 3D.

Control your car

This game has a fairly simple control, you just need to use the keys on the keyboard to control your car. You press the left and right arrow keys to control the car to steer left or right. You press the up arrow to accelerate, you should hold the up arrow key for the car to accelerate stably. Similarly, you click the arrow up and down to slow down. To be able to upgrade your car, you use the mouse and click on the icons on the screen. Some other parts that need to control are the nitro, light, horn, and camera view. Press the N key to charge the car with Nitro. You use the E key to use the light and horn in night scenes. Finally, you change the camera by pressing the C key.

Upgrade the car for the best experience

You can upgrade your car based on 4 criteria: engine, auxiliary equipment, car color, and wheel paint. Depending on the part you want to upgrade, the cost will vary.

The engine is the most important part of the car, so make it a priority to upgrade it first. The engine of the car will be divided into 3 criteria: internal engine, steering wheel, and wheel. Upgrading the internal engine will make the process of increasing speed when driving faster. With this upgrade, you can also decelerate faster, which comes in handy when you're faced with unexpected situations. When you drive at high speed, this makes you more prone to accidents, which is why you have to upgrade the steering wheel. Upgrading the steering wheel helps you to change direction more smoothly, you can easily avoid turning cars on the road. Finally, an upgrade on wheels, good wheels help increase friction when turning. A wheel with good friction will also contribute to reducing the occurrence of accidents. The initial cost to upgrade the wheels is thirty dollars, fifty dollars with the engine in and the steering wheel. These costs will increase with engine grade. I encourage you to upgrade your car's engine for the ultimate driving experience.

Traffic Jam 3D is a first-person driving game, so upgrading auxiliary equipment is also important. You will upgrade these devices based on 4 parameters, gear ratio, ride height, front camber, and rear camber. Upgrading these devices will give you a better overview of the vehicles around you. From there, you can anticipate some possible situations and get the best preparation for them.

Finally, paint the car and wheels. After you have upgraded your car with great equipment, you need to pay attention to its appearance. This game will not limit the color of your car. You can choose the color of your car with a color spectrum containing a multitude of different colors. You can even customize your own color. The color of the car is also how you express your personality. Therefore, create a unique car and participate in dramatic races.

Some notes when playing the Traffic Jam 3D game

Firstly, For any game, you need to be familiar with the mechanics of the game to be able to play well. Therefore, you need to practice driving skills in free mode to be able to get used to the situations that occur in the game. Next, The first-person perspective makes it difficult to see the whole scene. You need to upgrade the rearview mirror to be able to control the direction of other vehicles and as well as reduce accidents. Finally, this game requires you to complete the missions in the allotted time, so control the speed of your car. Moving fast will help you complete the mission faster, but it will also increase the chance of an accident. You do not need too much pressure on time, choose a reasonable speed to complete the mission.