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Traffic Jam 3D


About Traffic Jam 3D

Test your driving skills and create epic memories in Traffic Jam 3D, an exhilarating racing game. Join to conquer the races and create memorable moments.

Buckle up for a thrilling driving experience in Traffic Jam 3D, where you'll master diverse driving styles. You will drive like a typical person on the way and experience the exciting feeling of racers when participating in races.

Not only that, but you also have the opportunity to renovate your excellent car. You can remodel the car through 4 parts. To be able to renovate the car or do anything else, you need money. So, participate in tournaments and earn as much money as you can. At the end of each race, your prize money will be calculated according to indicators such as distance, speeding, overtakes (pass very closely), opposite lane, and mission completed. Do you trust your driving skills? Join this game and prove you are the best driver.

The Game Modes

In Traffic Jam 3D, you will have the opportunity to drive through: career mode, endless race, time attack, and free practice. You can build your career as you drive through each level in career mode. Join the endless race in Infinite mode. Have an intense driving experience in Time Against mode. Finally, practice your driving skills in Free mode. Choose the mode you want and enjoy this game.

Career Mode

In this mode, you will be driving through many different levels. The tasks at each level will be different. When you complete the task, a new level will be opened. The performance rating will calculate the score for completing the task. You drive through the checkpoints on time to set a performance rating. Every time you run through a checkpoint, you will get an additional 50 seconds of driving. The game will continue unless you drive to the checkpoint quickly.

Infinite Mode

Career mode lets you build your racing career, while Infinite mode offers endless thrills.

Since this is an endless race, this race will never end if you don't have an accident. You will be able to drive on a 1-way or 2-way track. You should join this mode if you want to buy a new car. You can easily earn money by overtaking other cars, entering restricted roads, and moving quickly. Traffic Jam 3D only ends when you enter the forbidden lane and have an accident.

Against Mode

The race in this mode will become more intense when you have to drive in the allotted time. Each time you play, you will last for 100 seconds. When you pass a car going in the same direction, you will earn an extra 0.1 seconds. When the time is up, the game will summarize your achievements and convert them to bonuses. The more distance you drive, the more money you earn.

Free Mode

Sharpen your reflexes and master unexpected situations in Free mode.

As this is a free mode, you can freely practice your driving skills in this mode. You will not have to worry about time or accidents. Traffic Jam 3D will only end when you choose to leave. The free mode has aggregated all possible situations in other modes, such as vehicles going in the opposite direction and cars changing lanes. From there, you can get used to the unexpected situations of the game and also practice reflexes.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Traffic Jam 3D

Control your car: Master the intuitive controls (left/right to steer, up/down for speed, E for horn/lights, N for nitro) to dominate the road.

Upgrade your car based on 4 criteria: Upgrade your car's engine, auxiliary equipment, paint, and wheels for a competitive edge. The cost will vary depending on the part you want to upgrade.

Mirror: Traffic Jam 3D is a first-person game allowing you to sit in the car to drive directly. You will have the most authentic experiences. Utilize the rearview mirror and pay attention to turn signals for safe and strategic driving.

Turn signals: Players should pay attention to the turn signals of other vehicles on the road. That lets you know if they will turn left or right.

Nitro: Unleash the nitro boost for that extra push to victory. It will help you accelerate instantly to reach the finish line quickly.

Why is Traffic Jam 3D Popular?

Traffic Jam 3D realistically depicts highways with a constant flow of cars or races inspired by F1 races. Even when there is a collision with other cars, the game depicts every piece of debris. Immerse yourself in stunning 3D graphics that bring highways and races to life. In addition to the lively sound system, you put on headphones and feel it. Feel the roar of the engine and the screech of tires with immersive sound design.

Players will be submerged in the world of professional racers. What are you waiting for without joining this fantastic game?

This is a racing game, so driving skills are most important, but your car will also affect your driving experience. Choose a car and the mode, then conquer the challenges of this game.