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About Merge Pirates

Merge boats in the mind game Merge Pirates. Drag and drop the boat so that three or more ships merge into one larger boat. Merge until there are no more boats left.

A mind game that merges boats from three or more boats with the same number to transform into a bigger boat. You can spin the boats given at the bottom of the screen before they are placed in the box containing the boats. Use your brains to merge as many boats as you can and merge until the ship merges to number 8. Scatter the boats and play until there's no more space left.

You can also move the boats before putting them on the board. Not necessarily according to the shape that the game offers, you can rotate any position you like.

The climax is when you merge from 3 or more boats numbered 7 to boat number 8. A miracle happens is that boat number 8 will spontaneously explode causing the location around it to explode as well. and you have more space for new boats.

Things you need to keep in mind

Three icons in the game arranged from left to right

Image of a bomb: destroy any ship if you think it needs to be removed.

Image of two bombs: destroy all ships, this function has the effect of destroying the boats with the lowest number.

Image of a saw saw wood: upgrade a boat to a higher number without having to merge 3 boats to get a higher numbered boat.