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Rocket Bot Royale

Let the tank gain the edge over your opponents in Rocket Bot Royale. Tank into a strange space, shoot down opponents and collect coins to upgrade yourself.

How to play Rocket Bot Royale game

A tank into a strange world, where you just stay on the ground, you can move to any land you want with your cannon. Move the car with AD key or left and right arrow keys to move. Use your cannon to move from one piece of land to another by navigating the cannon into the ground. Land skillfully because you need to collect gold coins and find your opponents and shoot them down for you to win.

The modes in Rocket Bot Royale game

You can play with multiplayer with three modes: Battle Royale with 35 players; Ranked Royale with 4 players; Squad Royale with 4 teams of 4. The game gets more fun the more people you play with. Go into battle, defeat as many opponents as you can but also don't forget you also have to hide because your opponents are doing the same thing as you. Collect as much money as possible to upgrade spare parts for your tank. Enjoy with this fun and entertaining tank!