Drive Mad

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Playgame with Drive Mad

Drive Mad is an entertaining game created by Fancade. With the task of taking the truck through the difficult road and bringing them to the destination safely. Please move carefully because the truck is prone to overturning.

One of the famous pixel games created by Fancade. With eye-catching graphics along with vibrant sound makes you easily drawn into the game. Do you think you can move the truck easily? Unlike Slime Ball, it is not really as easy as you think. Let's start playing to feel if it is too easy to play.

Drive the truck to the destination

With the simple task of bringing the truck through the rough road back to its destination. On the way, you will encounter some difficulties such as crossing the bridge, going through two walls, ect. Be careful with the up and down sections, it takes a strong force to move the truck but don't be too fast because it can easily tip over. This is not good for your car. When you reach the finish line, you will be taken a photo to save the winning moment when you reach the finish line.

Levels to do

Will you take the challenge of getting the truck to the finish line in 100 levels? The levels will correspond to its difficulty. The higher you go, the higher the difficulty. You can replay the same level multiple times, but that doesn't matter. Enjoy a good time with this game.

Way to control

Move the truck with the left/right arrow keys or use the mouse to click on either side of the screen to move.