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With the brave hero, escape from the evil creatures in Temple Run 2. Avoid the obstacles that stand in the way of the hero's escape with the gold coin in hand.

The plot of Temple Run 2

The hero joins the search for a mysterious treasure in a desolate, mysterious place. After many times overcoming challenges to reach the destination, the hero also has in hand the dominant treasure in this place, the gold coin. After he removed it from its place, immediately awakened, awakened the ruling beast guarding this mysterious place. Help our hero escape the siege of that beast.

Obstacles that you must avoid during your escape

The hero has come out of the mysterious place, and before him is the way forward, away from the chase of the ferocious creature. Help him avoid obstacles like rocks, fire fountains, mines, and avoid falling off the ground. Move the character with the arrow keys. This never-ending run makes you practice intense concentration. At the same time in the process of escaping, collect as many gold coins as possible. It can help you upgrade your skin or power so you can run away faster. Avoid making mistakes as that will bring the monster closer to you.