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Become the best motorcycle racer in the never-ending game Rider Online. Overcome many obstacles in your way. Collect diamonds to unlock new characters in this game.

Become the best motocross racer

Are you a good racer despite all terrain or not? To overcome the not-so-simple terrain challenges, it's not just about dashing forward and collecting diamonds. You also have to pay attention to how the car is still intact when reaching the destination. Performing somersaults seems cool, but to ensure the body of the car does not hit the ground and break into pieces, it is unlikely. Need to move gently but sometimes also need to be decisive so as not to fall into the hole.

Unlock new car

Unlock 15 mysterious cars waiting for you to discover. To be able to unlock these cars, you need 1000 diamonds to unlock. You will receive a random car in the shop and unlock all the cars in the store to become your collection.

How to control

Contrary to other games like Automobile Stunts 2, Mad Cars 3D, Burnout Extreme: Car Racing, Scrap Metal 4 Rally, move with arrow keys. In this game, you move your motorcycle by clicking, dragging and dropping the mouse.