Desert Car Racing

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Become the best car racer in Desert Car Racing

Take on the challenge of being the first to finish in Desert Car Racing. Start with a cheap car and enter the race with two other car racers. Compete with them and get to the finish line first to level up and unlock new cars.

You are taken to a race between skilled car racers. With difficult terrain, many obstacles along with the overwhelming movement of the remaining two opponents, will you catch it in time? Your task is to move in the lane that you need to go. Accelerate where you need to accelerate and slow down in the right places so you don't get thrown off the track. The most difficult are the bends. If you are confident in your cornering ability, this game is not boring for you, just one shot can reach the finish line.

The other opponents now don't know where to stand no matter how fast or slow you are. However, to know where you are, look at the left corner of the screen and it will show you where you are in the three cars. Try to finish fast to unlock new levels and earn money from every race.

Levels of the game

The game has a total of 10 levels corresponding to different terrain and obstacles. You will also encounter different backgrounds to keep you from getting bored. Become a skilled racer during practice driving in this game.

Unlock new car

Also, you can unlock new cars from your coins earned after each match. Win or lose, you will receive a certain amount. Accumulating your driving skills helps you quickly become a skilled racer.

How to control

Move the car with the arrow keys

Space to nitro