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Transform into soft Slimes like mochi to play football in Slime Ball. Two blue and red Slime characters confront each other in this fiery match.

The main character of the game

These two cute characters remind us of adorable mochi cakes. Join the fierce football match with these two green and red Slime characters.

Specifics about the match

A match will take place within two minutes. And in the game, you must fiercely defend your goal so that the opponent cannot score. Especially the opponent is a hasty person, he will not hesitate to continuously launch attacks that make you unable to block. Sometimes it is the opponent's haste that makes them kick the ball into their own goal, creating favorable conditions for them to score. Your job is to defend your goal firmly.

Game Modes

1 player mode

You will play as the blue Slime and the opponent is the red Slime. Your opponent is in a hurry, he doesn't stop attacking your goal and you need to stop the ball from flying into your goal.

2 player mode

The game will be more fun when you invite your friends to play with you. Choose your favorite character and compete against each other for two minutes. The battle will be known at the last second to find the winner. It is impossible to know the outcome in the first few seconds or minutes.

How to control

Player 1 uses the WAD key

Player 2 uses the arrow keys