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Impossible Car Stunt

Impossible Car Stunt takes you to experience many different maps. Experience the variety of each map and show off your racing skills. Upgrade or renew your car before starting a new journey.

Driving on Impossible Car Stunt

Show off your driving skills

Show off your racing skills across a variety of scenes. Move and look at the surrounding scenery, but still have to complete your task, which is to reach the finish line safely without falling out of the vehicle's lane. Move your bike balance, accelerate forward. When it is time to drift, turn the car smoothly and continue your journey.

Level up your car

Do it a few times with the current car, after collecting a certain amount of money, you can use the money to upgrade the skills of the car. You can also buy a new car with better skills and a newer style.

How to control

Use WASD to move your car

The variety of maps

You will experience with six different maps corresponding to six levels. The maps will be more upgraded, more difficult. You will see your racing ability increase after going through the challenges of each level. Move in the air with different surroundings like racing in the clouds, racing in the mountains, ect. The scenery will make you overwhelmed by its scenery. You will also encounter a game with many different scenes in Burnout Extreme: Car Racing.