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Scrap Metal 4 Rally

Perform dramatic action sequences in Scrap Metal 4 Rally. Choose your favorite car, press the accelerator and drive forward. Turn large obstacles into small and destroy the cars that stand in your way.

Scenes of the game

The setting of this game is like a virtual reality. Large space with long mountainous terrain. Explore and go wherever you want. At the same time, the game provides you with the perfect playground with unique inventory, which will definitely make the journey more interesting. From a sleek car to a rugged jeep, there's something to suit all your driving preferences. Fasten your seat belt and prepare to hit the accelerator.

Take the challenge

Fully enjoy the thrill of going deep into the terrain. Choose your favorite vehicle before starting your journey. Each car has different parameters, after choosing, press the accelerator to start. Move the car forward and feel the adrenaline rush as you move through rough terrain. Take on challenges from the inventory and show off your driving skills.

Challenge yourself to see how far you can go. Make wrecks and destroy vehicles. Go forward bravely, prepare well, and accelerate immediately. Turn towering mountains into makeshift ramps; launch the car into the air to perform dangerous jumps; Attack and destroy the cars around you.

How to control

Arrow or WASD to drive management

Spacebar to handbrake

Shift to clutch

I to inventory

R to restore the cars