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About Drag Racing 3D

Race cars to the finish line first in Drag Racing 3D. Upgrade the vehicle's stats, change the vehicle's appearance to make you win more matches.

Enter the race with AI players. You and your opponent are ready to play the race. The whistle starts, you and your opponent are trying to overtake your opponent to win the finish line first. Press the accelerator to start, pedal the Nitro to increase the speed to help your car move faster.

When you are still confused, you will have to figure out how to make your car move faster. However, just after a few defeats, you will find your own way to win the opponent.

Change car

There are two new cars in the shop with better stats than your current car. If you want to win a lot of matches, try to accumulate money to change to a better car.


  • Engine
  • Turbo
  • Transmission
  • Nitro
  • Weight

Stats need to be upgraded to make your car better and help you win more matches. You will wonder that, you have only participated in the competition but your opponent always finishes first. They all rely on upgraded stats that make them always win you. Use the money you gain from competitions, accumulate gradually and use that money to upgrade your car.

How to move

W or Up Arrow to keep the speed high on first entry

E and Q keys for shifting

You have to use the N key or the buttons on the screen for Nitro.