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Control the jet plane in infinite space of Jet Rush!

Take control of a high-tech jet in Jet Rush. Embark on a journey full of skyscrapers blocking your flight. Avoid buildings if you don't want to be shattered into pieces.

The game moves in an infinite space filled with skyscrapers and has no end to obstruct your path. You can only go forward and avoid the houses. Navigate the plane away from the building or it will break into pieces. At the same time, move to the place where the pink circle is. This is a layer of protection for your jet plane, even if you crash into buildings, it will not be affected. However, its effects are short-lived, so try to take advantage and be alert before it runs out of power and prepares to control itself.

You will also encounter buildings lined up close together, narrow corners, a series of bends that make you dizzy to control. Always be alert and react quickly before the plane crashes into these houses.

Make your flight journey as far as possible because the farther you travel, the more money you will receive. Use your money in upgrading the old jet plane with new jets with better design and performance that are also better at flying in the air and avoiding obstacles smoothly.

How to control

Use the AD/ left and right arrow keys to move