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Dreadhead Parkour

Overview of Dreadhead Parkour

Dreadhead Parkour is crazy running game with scarecrow. Perform movements like running, flipping, arch jumping, sliding, ect aiming to avoid obstacles.

Obstacle skills appear in Dreadhead Parkour

A fun game that helps the stickman with the weird ruffled hair go through the obstacles to reach the finish line. On the way to the destination, you have to go through many obstacles. Obstacles such as tunnels, side-by-side saw teeth, stacked cogs, ect.

Obstacle skills

You have to perform some skills to avoid this obstacle by jumping with obstacles on the ground, vaulting with stacked obstacles, sliding if you have to go through tunnels. During the finish, collect all the coins in the game. The coins help you in buying new skins. In addition, you can avoid or slide to break the wooden crate if you want.

How to control

Move the character with the arrow keys

New skins

Currently, the game has more than 10 characters that need you to be unlocked. In which, there are 2 characters that need money to unlock and more than 8 characters that just need to see ads to get. If you like the characters in the commercial, check them out and you've got it.