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Car Parking City Duel

Practice car driving skills in Car Parking City Duel

Car Parking City Duel is a racing game that is all about driving skills. Select the task to perform and complete the task.

If you are confident in your ability to drive and perform some skills, show us how good you are. Or if you are a non-driver, this game is also an ideal place for you to practice. Select one of the challenges on the right and start the game.

The car with eye-catching colors, looks really brave and is waiting for you to quickly perform the task. Control the car with the fastest speed to overtake the opponent's car; Balance control, make the drift smoothly to avoid losing time and not be outdone by the opponent.

Skill Modes







Free roam

Player mode

You can choose one player or invite your friends to play in two-player mode. Take the challenge and reach the finish line safely. Practice driving and some other skills about cars. After playing and practicing a lot, your driving will be much faster. Perform skills equally proficient as a real driver.

How to control

Player 1

WASD to move

C to switch cam

L-Shift to NOS

Space to brake

R to restart

T to look back

Player 2

Arrow keys to move

K to switch cam

O to NOS

P to brake

U to restart

L to look back