Slow Roads

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Driving experience in the peaceful landscape of Slow Roads

Drive the car on a leisurely journey in Slow Roads. You will drive through beautiful landscapes. Take in the panoramic view and enjoy the peaceful environment.

Unlike other driving games that are races to compete for the top positions when reaching the finish line first, with this game, I think you should slow down, move moderately to be able to see the whole nature. Enjoy in space and go forward. The road has many landscapes that you can experience. There are many natural scenes that you can choose just press the E and Q buttons. Choose day or night, spring or autumn landscape, ect are all ready for you to experience.

Since the focus of this game is the journey, you can move at a slow speed so that you can enjoy and see everything around you. With soothing sounds, stunning visuals, make for a relaxing gameplay.Not only that, this game helps you improve your driving ability. The journey is non-stop, keeping you in control of your speed and steering.

Fasten your seat belt and get started on this smooth, gentle journey. There is nothing more interesting and peaceful than playing a light game, not too busy.

How to control

Moving with WASD

R to revive

E,Q to change the scenery

Space to brake the car