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Race with your opponents in Super Star Car!

Super Star Car is an F1 racing game with virtual reality characters. You will be transformed into a racing driver and compete with other opponents. Press the accelerator and accelerate to reach the finish line

The race begins when the traffic lights change from red to green. Accelerate and press the accelerator pedal hard to go forward. Make smooth turns to outrun your opponent. If you have top cornering skills, it will definitely give you an advantage in the game. Your rivals are approaching the finish line fast, catch up with them and take the lead to the finish line first.

Unlock the routes

To be able to unlock the next stages, you must complete exactly or more of the assigned tasks. Roads with different terrains. There are 12 different maps with different parameters of Lap, Standings, Length and difficulty. Based on these parameters you will know the difficulty as well as the information needed to prepare for the race. Try to be the first to finish to receive many valuable prizes.


Use your own money in the Customize. There are many choices for you into different brands. 8 cult, famous and burning brands full of money in this game. Enjoy being the best motorcycle driver in this game.

How to control

W/up arrow to move

A/D or left/right arrow keys to steer

C to change camera view

Spacebar to respawn position