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Drift Boss


Addictive gameplay of Drift Boss

Drift Boss is a driving game in the drift genre. You need to control the car through sharp turns to reach the finish line safely. And developed by Ryan Studio.

Experience endless drift driving

When participating in this game, you will experience the feeling of endless driving and will feel the fear of falling into space. The road has many curves and narrow turns, making it quite difficult for players to control. This is very challenging for the player's steering. Requires players to have many skills to handle many different situations on the track. The drift gameplay of this game has extremely impressed players. Although the gameplay is simple, it gives players thrill and excitement. Are you ready and confident enough to complete the challenges on the track? Become a professional master driver in this drift driving game. You can also play Traffic Jam 3D and more driving games. We hope our website will always make you happy while playing exciting driving games.

Drift driving instructions

The goal of this game is for you to drive as long as possible. The further you go the higher score you get. When you let your car fly out, the game will end and the score will be calculated again from the beginning. Bends and turns will make it easy for you to lose control and balance while driving. Practice your driving every day to become proficient on the racetrack. To drift, you need to use the mouse to click and hold to steer sideways and release the mouse to go straight. You need to align the car correctly to avoid letting it fall into the abyss.

Attractive features of the drift game

Collect coins

Along the way, you should collect coins so you can use them to buy many other attractive vehicles in the game as well as items to make your car go easier. They are randomly scattered along the way so pay attention to collecting as many of them as possible.


When you play this driving game every day you will receive valuable gifts after playing. The reward value will increase over time as players diligently check in every day. Using these gifts will help you improve your performance extremely effectively when driving. For example, you can double points, car insurance, and coins. Don't forget to spin the wheel to get rewards.


You can upgrade your car and unlock more attractive cars in the store. You can unlock trucks, taxis, police cars, ice cream trucks, and many other vehicles. Each type of car will have its own perks, explore each type one by one to know which car is most suitable for you.