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Cars: Lightning Speed

Cars: Lightning Speed is a fun racing game between the cars in Cars. You will meet the characters in the Car and choose one of them to make your race.

Inspiration of the game

Cars is a popular hit movie distributed by Disney and Pixar. The film was very successful than expected. Thanks to its lovable talking car characters and its storyline, it resonates with a racing movie. It is also based on that that the game Cars: Lightning Speed was inspired to make this game. You can also try racing in other games like Temple Racing.

Racing with characters from Cars

Racing with strong opponents

Choose your favorite character. The car characters are in a white state. And you need to decorate your car to be more beautiful, more lively and start the game. You will compete with another opponent, this opponent is much heavier than you in terms of speed and driving skills. You can also overtake that opponent when you have the same speed and driving skills as the opponent.

Things you might encounter along the way

You need to move into the car lane, avoid going on the sides of the road because they are sandy and can cause you to slow down. At the same time, along the way you will also encounter energy rays to recharge for a long race. You will also come across a toolbox, which can hold money or help you refurbish the car in a short time. But also note that you also need to watch out for the red stakes, which can blow you up and slow down your finish.

Refurbish the car

The car needs you to refresh by repainting the outer layer to change its appearance. You can also choose Stickers to decorate the car. Use Engine to increase speed and power to boost to make your car more advanced. Use Kits to embellish the things around you, increase repairs, tires to make the car more upgraded.