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Minecaves Lost In Space

Save Steve in Minecaves Lost In Space

Steve is lost in the mysterious world of Minecaves Lost In Space. Steve is caught in the maze, help him collect all the diamonds to get out of that maze.

There are a total of 25 mazes. Steve got caught in the maze and solved it to get out of the maze. The main problem to solve is to collect all the diamonds, without missing a single one can get out of that maze. The journey to collect diamonds is not so simple.

Things to which you must pay attention

Some obstacles you need to avoid

Sharp spikes: Some of the arcades are set with some sharp spikes. And if you accidentally hit it, you will lose a life. Because once Steve is moved, he will go until an obstacle stops him. If you let him into the road where the other point of the path is sharp, don't go in in the first place.

Strange Creature: You may see a strange creature, but it is not harmless. Under all circumstances should avoid it and should not go the way it is there or you have no other way to go, then you must accept the loss of a life.

Mysterious water: A sea of mysterious green water like chemical watercolor. This is also one of the obstacles you need to avoid. The way to not touch it is to go through the triangle button, change from green to red, the water automatically recedes and you can go through that area.


You only have 3 lives. Stay away from obstacles so as not to lose your life. The more hearts you lose, the fewer stars you receive.

Number of diamonds

Next to your network number is the number you need to earn the required amount of diamonds. After completing it, you can exit the current maze.