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Two Punk Racing 2

Two Punk Racing 2 is a racing game with eye-catching neon colors. Take your car and race against other competitors and get to the finish line first. Buy a new car or upgrade your car to complete many challenges.

Show off your racing skill

Eye-catching graphics along with neon images will make you wobble because of its attractiveness. You also come across a game with a pretty eye-catching setting in Scrap Metal 4 Rally. Show off your driving skills with an eye-catching car. Compete against many other players to finish first or choose to practice driving if you want.

Things you need to note in the game

Modes in the game

Take 12 levels in Racing mode. Compete at the same time with many different opponents to win to see who is the first to finish. You will go through many challenges and obstacles to reach the finish line with your opponent. During the implementation, there will be many opponents who stop the game due to not doing the challenge. Try to pass or upgrade your car before starting the match.

You can also do free racing in Free Driving. In this mode, you will be alone in a large world, explore interesting places you have not seen, and at the same time, practice your driving skills in this mode. It is completely possible to relax with this racing mode without having to mind the time or anything else.


You can choose to buy a new car or upgrade your current car to improve the car before entering the game. To be able to beat your opponents and get the first place, you need to have enough car power and your driving ability.