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About Idle Ants

Help the ant bring food to the nest in Idle Ants. Upgrade the ant's movement speed, increase the ant's mass and increase the value of the food received.

As we all know, the ant is a small animal, but it is very hardworking and has solidarity. Therefore, when an ant discovers delicious food, he will lead the whole nest to that location to bring the food back to the nest. An ant cannot carry a food that is tens, hundreds of times larger than it. Call on the whole flock to bring food to the nest and rejoice in victory when you get good food.

There are 3 things that you need to keep in mind

Moving speed

Moving speed is to increase the movement speed of the ants. The faster you move to the nest, the faster you get money back. The more you upgrade this value requires more money, but the quality is that the ants move much faster.

Ant number

Ant number is the number of ants that you need to spend money to be able to quickly bring food to the nest with your teammates. One ant or a small number of ants makes the process of bringing food back longer. The more ants, the faster they can bring all the food back to the nest. And like the above value, the more ants you buy, the more money you spend.

Food value

Food value is the value of each ant's food brought back to the nest and converted into money. The higher the value of the food, the more money is exchanged, making the work of the ants faster and easier. This is worth a lot of money to upgrade. Do not underestimate this value. Sometimes the high value of the food is easier to get the job done than if you just upgrade the ant's movement speed and the number of ants.