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Race cars in Nitro Speed

Take part in car racing with rivals in Nitro Speed. Mentally prepare for the race. Try to come back as fast as you can and get the biggest prize in the top.

Start the game with a small amount of money and use the free car in the shop. Do many races to be able to accumulate a good amount of money. At first, you may not be able to win big prizes because your car is not fast enough and powerful enough like that of your competitors. Do not be discouraged. You need to do it many times to get money to upgrade your current car. You will also come across a limited car selection like Automobile Stunts 2 but it's not the car that matters but your driving skills.

Additional information

Upgrade your car

Your car has pretty low speed, handling and acceleration. That's why you can't outrun your opponent no matter how good your skills are. Use money on upgrades for Engine, Suspension, Nitro, Transmission and Types to make the car better. In addition, you can also adjust the color of your car to the color you want, but it is not free, reasonable use and necessary for your car.

Daily reward

Log in attendance every day to be able to receive rewards from the game. More money will benefit other purposes.