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Specifically about Highway Rider

Race your motorcycle across the terrain in Highway Rider. Control your car on the road, avoid colliding with other cars causing damage to your car. At the same time collect the gold coins on the way.

Control your motorcycle to move on the road, avoid hitting the sides of the road as well as hitting other vehicles, causing damage to your vehicle. The time taken for a journey is 25 seconds, and during this time, you must move to do the least damage to yourself as well as collect gold coins along the way.

The journey of motorbike riding experience will span many different terrains. You can also look at the surrounding scenery to enjoy the nature there, but still have to pay attention to moving to avoid hitting the traffic passing on you.

Coins on the street

Pay attention to the coins on the road. Collect yellow coin, you will get 25 real money and purple coin get 50 real money value. Try to collect as many purple coins as possible to help you get richer faster. Use that money wisely to upgrade the car or buy a new car.


You should upgrade your car to have more outstanding features in all-terrain journeys. It not only helps you limit the collision with other cars, but also accelerates you to complete the goal sooner. In addition, you can also buy a new motorcycle with outstanding features available. It will also be useful to you.

How to control

Control your car with left/right arrow keys