Burnout Extreme: Car Racing

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Race cars in Burnout Extreme: Car Racing!

An exciting racing and drifting game is called Burnout Extreme: Car Racing. Drive your car, burn the tires to make the longest slides, far ahead of your opponents.

A speed racing game with many terrains and cars suitable for each of them. Be a great driver in races against each other. You and the others are all prepared for battle. Grab the steering wheel and start right away.

You have 100 dollars but that is not enough, join and win many matches, finish first to receive a prize with thousands of prize money.

Things you need to pay attention to


The game has all 9 different vehicles. Each car has a different shape, size and a number of color options to give you a variety to choose from. When you have enough money, buy a new car that is bigger, nicer, better than the original shabby car.

3 Modes

  • Race
  • Drift
  • Knockout


In each mode there are 10 different tracks. Completing and winning the match on the previous track can unlock the next track. In turn, you will unlock all 10 tracks. After testing all these tracks, choose the one that gives you the most confidence to get more wins.


There are many achievements recorded in the game and you can follow the given achievements to get rewards.

How to control

Use arrow keys to control and balance

Press Spacebar to activate handbrake

Press Ctrl to activate nitro and speed up