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Merge numbers in Merge The Gem

Merge two same numbers into a bigger one in Merge The Gem. Merge the biggest numbers you can get. The game will end when the numbers reach the limit line.

Mind games make you exercise your thinking ability. Merge two similar numbers to make a bigger number and make the sequence as low as possible.

Move one number in the same way as the other number without being obstructed on all four sides. Pay attention to the screen time. When the time is up, a series of numbers will appear making your numbers closer to the limit line. Make them drop as low as possible to avoid getting close to the limit line.

In the game, you will see a link between two numbers with different numbers. Therefore, these two numbers cannot be moved, you can only find similar numbers that merge to break the chain.

Your goal is to merge to number 30 before you reach the line. The number seems easy to find, but it is not as easy as you think. Will you be able to complete the goal that the game requires or not?

How to control

Move the number with your mouse.