The Adventure Of Finn And Bonnie

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Join Finn to rescue the princess in The Adventure Of Finn And Bonnie. Equip Finn thoroughly with weapons and power in the face of a massive attack of robots.

The story of The Adventure Of Finn And Bonnie

Finn and a princess on a journey to find their way home. But unfortunately, they encountered evil robots and they kidnapped the princess. At this point, Finn had no preparation so he couldn't fight them. To avenge and save the princess, Finn needs your support to prepare him with the weapons and the strength to be able to fight all the robots.

Prepare for battle

To prepare for battle, grant Finn useful weapons and power-ups. Some of the power stats like how much damage he took, his attacks, defense and luck meter. Try to defeat them before your power bar runs out. The more battles you win, the more new powers you will receive and use them as soon as the next fight comes. You can also combine stats together to create a new weapon, power to protect you in battle. You can also edit the stats of strength, weapons right in the middle of the fight. Just beat the robot before the power bar runs out.