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Become a boxing champion in Rowdy Wrestling. Choose the character you want, enter the battle. Take down your opponents easily.

The charm of boxing

Boxing is a very popular sport in the United States. Not to mention that violent games are very popular. It is not only a stress reliever but also a game industry for illegal betting due to the level of danger to the lives of those in the match. You can become a mighty boxer in this game.

Enjoy the atmosphere in the boxing match

Entering the game, you will choose the characters you like. Each character has its own stats, you don't need to calculate too much. Just be as natural as possible, enjoy the game away.

Strength Bar

You will play against any opponent. Keep an eye on your and your opponent's power bar to know what you should do next. If your power bar is low, stay away from your opponent's attacks to defend. Attacks to respond to the opponent. If the opponent's strength bar is less than yours, boldly attack to defeat the opponent completely and let them not be able to recover their strength.

Game mode

You can also compete with many people in multiplayer mode or the game will grant you a powerful assistant in solo mode. Beat as many opponents and become the boxing champion in this game.


Win as many matches to get bonuses. The more opponents you beat, the more bonuses you get. Take advantage of that bonus to unlock more powerful characters, which will help in the next match.