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Join Angry Birds to rescue the Rio parrots being held captive in Angry Birds Rio. Shoot the Angry Birds at the goal holding the Rio parrots, causing them to crash and the Rio parrots being freed.

The unique combination of Angry Bird and Rio

A unique combination of two famous cartoon characters, Angry Bird and Rio. If you are too familiar with the game of the century Angry Bird, go rescue your eggs from the greedy and mean green pigs. Try your hand at a unique combination with the appearance of the land of Rio parrots in the beautiful country of Rio De Janeiro. The beauty and splendor of these Rio parrots make the bad guys want to grab them for business purposes. Let's go with Angry Bird to rescue the Rio parrots right away.

How to play Angry Birds Rio

The game consists of 6 locations where you need to go and rescue these magnificent, beautiful parrots. And in each of these locations, there will be challenges for you in 20 mini games. In each mini game, there are different terrains and obstacles. And your job is to break the goal - where the parrots are kept. Use the Angry Birds limited to each of those games to drag them and shoot them into the goal. Rely on your ability to judge the distance between you and the goal to come up with a suitable throw position.