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Enjoy car driving in Scrap Metal

Practice driving a car in the Scrap Metal arena. Experience and practice driving alone with training supplies. Try to play all 6 different vehicles.

You will be brought into the arena, where it is only you, without any opponents or any other players besides you. You are not limited or forced to time, simply enjoy driving in the area that surrounds you. Here, you get to do various tricks with the car such as dashing into the obstacles to help the car fly up, experience the inner ramp for you to do a 360 degree drive, ect. Try the tricks with support items for each type of vehicle to experience. Prepare for flips and jumps all over the map.

This is also a way for you to practice driving with the use of a skilled keyboard, helping you from not knowing how to move to moving like a pro from turns, flips, flying, ect.

Vehicle types

There are 6 new cars that you can test such as Ford Mustang, Pagani Zonda, Nissan GT-R, Jeep Cherokee, Mini Cooper or Ford Fiesta. Each car has different features and you need to experience all the cars to compare the features of each vehicle. To experience more realistic gameplay, turn on ABS, ESP and many other features of your choice.