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Automobile Stunts 2


About Automobile Stunts 2

Driving experience in Automobile Stunts 2. Choose the car, the map, player mode and start the game. Have fun driving experience in this game.


There are countless different cars with different designs. You can choose the car you like and prepare for the race. From vehicles like jeeps, police cars, super cars, pickup trucks, ect with many different models. In addition, you can also adjust the car color to your preference at the top left of the screen.


There are 3 different maps depending on your choice. Each map has different terrain and obstacles. Enjoy and consider all terrain, choosing the right vehicle for each terrain will make your car less difficult. You can also practice to get used to the maps.

Game mode

One player

You will enjoy the game with only you space. Enjoy space, familiarize yourself with terrain, practice and experience things in that unknown space.


You will compete with many different players in 1 map. Here, you and other opponents will be able to move freely because there is no finish line here. Join and experience everything at that map. However, every race must have a winner, so during the experience, knock up the opponent's car to reduce the amount of competition.

How to control

Arrow keys to move

Space to handbrake

Shift to nitro

C to change the camera view

T to see the map

B to rearview mirror