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Treat and help Tom the cat become more dashing than other male cats in Tom Injury. Tom was injured in a fight with another cat. Help him recover from that fight.

The plot of the game Tom Injury

Our friendly cat Tom was unfortunately jealous of another cat and the two sides clashed. No one gave up, leading to the cat Tom being seriously injured. To the extent of skin tearing, bleeding, dark eyes, ect. Help him recover from his injuries and make him look more dashing to attract female cats.

Things you need to do in Tom Injury

Your mission is very simple. Do things to help heal wounds and take care of and change Tom's appearance. The first is to pick up the scratches on Tom's skin, soothe swollen eyes with ice, disinfect open and bleeding wounds, bandage broken arm wounds; Bath and makeup, change the look for the cat Tom from a dirty and injured cat to a dashing cat that attracts many female cats' eyes. These jobs make you feel like an employee in a cat spa. You can also experience these jobs as a real animal spa attendant. Enjoy with the entertaining game with the cat Tom.