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Overview of Dr. Parking

Dr. Parking is a car parking skill training game. Help the car move into the parking space. The road to the parking lot has a lot of obstacles, when moving try to get away from it as quickly as possible.

Show your parking skill

You are approaching a parking space after passing through the ticketing gate. To be able to move to the parking space, you will encounter stakes or things that also have the same function. Try to move so that the car does not hit it. When you tap more than three times, you will have to try again from the beginning. A sign displayed on the left side of the screen will record the number of times you hit an obstacle, letting you know you need to move more gently.

Unlock the cars

You start with the yellow car. Take on multiple parking challenges successfully. The diamonds on the road will help you renew your car. Collect them without leaving a single one.

Restore energy

To perform the parking task requires energy to perform. Unlike the Scrap Metal 4 Rally game - no life required, one mission performance is one energy drain. Don't worry too much because the network can automatically recover after more than three minutes of filling.

Driving direction of the vehicle

To park the car back to the parking spot, use the pedals together with the steering wheel to be able to move. On the screen, on the right of the screen there are two pedals, the left pedal is reverse, the right pedal is forward. On the left side of the screen there are two arrows left / right. Move the copper with the keys to move the car to the parking spot.