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Enjoy delicious fish dishes with the penguin in Slinguin. Our penguin is very hungry. Go to where there are fish and eat them all within the given time.

The plot of the game

The penguin is walking around looking for food with a hungry stomach. Accidentally, he saw a house with a fish-shaped sign in front of the house. He was curious and looked, and fortunately he found love for his hungry stomach. Delicious fish are waiting for the penguin to come and enjoy. Come eat now.

How to play Slinguin

The way of the game is very simple. You just need to navigate the penguin to move how he can eat all the fish in a certain time. You also only need one control step to adjust the direction of the penguin. And after that trip, the penguin will bump into the elastic positions that move many times until it eats all the fish or runs out of time. So, take the right step to pass the other levels.

The game has 30 levels and each level has its own challenges and obstacles and you need to have a strategy to get all the delicious fish in the shortest time possible.

The objects you will see in the game

Reward Points

During the game you will encounter point bubbles. These bubbles help increase your score. Get it as soon as it appears because if you delay these points will disappear and it's a pity if there are no additional points.


In addition, you will also encounter bombs. You will wonder what to collect bombs for? Its use is essentially to reduce the obstacles to the penguin's path. But the obstacle here is the wooden crates that make him unable to fulfill his purpose in the time allowed. Then use bombs to clear your way.