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Drive a cool Lamborghini in Temple Racing. Accelerate as fast as you can, move forward and avoid the obstacles in front of you if you don't want to hit it.

Enjoy driving Lamborghini

The track is just for you. Do not have to compete and compete with any opponent. Simply enjoy driving alone on the road going with no stops. You are like in the game itself, driving, pressing the accelerator, accelerating and driving. Control the vehicle to keep the bike balanced without tipping in one direction.

In addition, the obstacles will be in front of you, avoid them because when you collide with them, you will have an accident, the car is broken and the game is over.

Level of play

You can choose your level of play: Easy Medium Hard. If you haven't or haven't been able to speed and balance a big car, try the easy level first. After getting used to the terrain with steady steering, try the harder level.


Wear headphones and enjoy the game, you will hear the car speeding up very well. This sound makes you feel like you are driving a car and it is useful for stress relief.

How to move

Press and hold the up arrow key to accelerate

Move left/right with left/right arrow key