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Stacking cars in Mad Cars 3D

In Mad Cars 3D, pile cars together on the highway to the finish line. Avoid the obstacles that cause you to lose your car and especially hit the rocks that make the game over.

With cute graphics, go on the highway, move to the destination. Along the way, you will encounter cars like you, collect them into a stack of cars stacked on top of each other. Surely the game is not easy for you to smoothly collect vehicles without losing anything. Also don't move to one side so far that you'll fall off the highway.


Some obstacles such as rocks, signs, platforms, ect will make you lose the cars that you have stacked before. In particular, you have to avoid the rock, it will make you break the car and make the game over.


Collect both coins on the highway. Collect them and use them to buy other cars. There are many types of vehicles for you to choose from. Make enough money for the car you want to exchange. Enjoy this fun, lovely graphics stacking game of cars.

How to control

Navigate the big car with the mouse to the left and right without having to click.