Bacon May Die

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Bacon May Die is an interesting game that combines hitting and shooting. Help Bacon the pig become a hero to fight other pigs with just his stick.

The game is a combination of hitting and shooting. A game has no end and it only stops when you run out of energy. Try to maintain your strength and fight with many other pigs. You'll also see adorable characters fighting each other to survive in Slime Ball.

The origin of the story

Bacon's fellows and friends don't know why they're being weirded out by their actions of fighting back. Shown in their own eyes. And they will attack Bacon until he dies. In order not to be tragically killed, join Bacon against these aggressive subjects.

How to use the attack

Use a combination of arrow keys to create ways to attack the opponent, you can use a stick or create a shot to kill the opponent. The left corner of the screen shows the number of power, the number of successful kills and the number of bullets left to use. Use the bullets wisely and fiercely attack the objects and let them not harm you.

Support before entering the game

After each successful hit, you will advance to a new level. And before entering the game, you will be assisted by your friends in changing costumes, restoring energy, ect. You can choose as you like and can not use and proceed to the next level. The game will stop when you run out of energy.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to strike with a gun or a stick.