Cartoon Racers: North Pole

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In Cartoon Racers: North Pole driving game, be the best racer in the arctic. Race with other competitors, do three max laps and get back to the finish line first.

Car racing in space and whore in the Arctic!

The never-ending battle with car racers to find out who is the best car driver. Making a smooth path without hitting any obstacles makes you take longer to reach the finish line. Avoid the rival cars because they can knock your car away and blind you in direction. Since there is no map to see where you are, how far away from the destination, try to go straight to the destination without any obstacles. The most difficult part is the corner of the car when the car is on high terrain, if you do not control it, you will easily fall and it will take a while to return. If you accidentally fall off the wall, use the H key to restore.

Features of the game

The game has 2 modes for you to choose

1 Player mode: Play against 4 other opponents and try to win for prize money. Use that money to buy a new car with superior features.

2 player mode: Invite your friends to play with you. Choose a car together and compete against each other according to your interests

Play level and level

There are 3 levels for you: Easy Medium Hard. If you are not familiar, you can choose the easy mode to get used to. Once you get used to the path and how to play, choose a more difficult mode. In the game there are 10 levels and the levels have different paths, complete and unlock levels to be able to contact many terrains as well as obstacles to avoid.

How to control

Player 1 uses ESDF and C key to restore

Player 2 uses the arrow keys and the H key to restore