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Chicken Merge overview

Join the chicken team to fight the enemy in Chicken Merge. The wolves have discovered the chicken farm's base and are about to attack. Unable to let his army be reduced in number, gather the chickens to the battlefield to protect their base.

The chickens are living very happily, but unfortunately, the wolves threaten their lives. Their army is very strong and they operate in packs. In order not to lose the number of chickens, you need to gather brave chickens to the battlefield. Your task is to plan the chickens into positions before the wolves attack. Prepare well and start the battle.

Upgrade equipment to prepare for battle

Chickens warrior

At the bottom of the screen there is a chicken icon, click on it to summon the chickens and place them on the log to prepare to fight. To summon a chicken you need 180 coins and the money in the money recovery bar will help you summon the chickens. In addition, the chickens also help you generate income for you to increase your money. Two level one chickens combine to make a level two chicken and two level two chickens combine to make a level three chicken. Let's win money to gather higher level chickens to increase the ability to fight against the massive onslaught of wolves.


Besides you upgrade the chicken warriors, you can also upgrade your barrier to make it stronger. Prevent the worst case scenario and difficulty level later. The higher the game, the more wolves will make your chicken army unable to destroy, upgrading the fence is essential.


In addition to spending money to upgrade the chickens, you can buy some external items to help you fight better such as Damage, Eggs, Coins, Cost. These items are quite useful for you to upgrade to create value for your chicken warrior and money if included.