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Cooking Korean Lesson

Cooking Korean Lesson is a game to learn how to make Korean dishes. If you don't know kimchi, bibimbap, Korean side dishes, this game will teach you.

The popularity of Korean food

Korean food does not seem too strange to the world. The rich and sophisticated cuisine is promoted from shows and movies that make viewers excited and curious. Therefore, to know clearly how the processing of some Korean food shows the feat. One of the typical foods that you see in Korean movies and TV shows is kimchi, bibimbap, side dishes. These are also the dishes that make foreigners. And if you are curious how to prepare them, you can experience in this game.

How to cook Korean food

In this game you will be taught how to make kimchi, bibimbap and toppings. To make these dishes, it takes a lot of preparation and many ingredients. The stages are also very laborious but rest assured, a hand will always support you with what you need to do. From preliminary preparation of raw food, to processing and presentation of dishes.

The game simulates how to cook Korean food and you can also rely on it to make real food. Try being Korean by making real Korean food.