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Crazy Sheep Hopper

Crazy Sheep Hopper will bring the sheep back to his barn. The sheep has no legs and needs the help of a gun. Shoot the gun at the ground to create jumping force for the sheep and bring the sheep back to their barn.

Help the sheep find the way back to the barn

A lovely, playful sheep was accidentally left outside the barn. While his fellows have returned to the cage, he must gather to find a way back to his cage. Despite his cuteness, he has no legs, and has to rely on the help of a gun to bring him back to his cage.

Move back to the barn by shooting the gun to the ground to create jumping force. In one frame, blocks of earth are placed in the air and so is the sheep's house. Help him move back to his house and while finding his way back, don't forget to collect stars. You will also see shooting scenes in Rocket Bot Royale but with the aim of shooting opponents.

Outstanding features of the game

Levels in the game

You will complete 30 levels. The positions of the earth blocks and its cage are randomly arranged. In any position, you must bring the sheep back to your home. The higher the level, the more obstacles you will encounter and some other obstacles. I believe you can do it and no obstacle can stop you. A lovely graphics along with not too difficult gameplay, enjoy this unlimited time game.

Tip to move back to the barn faster

Shooting the ground with a long distance will make the sheep jump higher. At the same time, use the momentum of the earth blocks suspended in the air to move forward. Since the sheep's barn is always at the top, move into the dirt blocks and avoid falling out of the air because it takes you time to return to the position closest to the barn.