Draw Climber

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About Draw Climber

Draw legs for cubes in Draw Climber. The cube needs legs to run to the finish line. Compete with other cubes and win more matches to get more coins.

Unleash your creativity in creating the legs for the cube. However, you should also let your legs also need to be flexible to reach the finish line faster than the opponent. The road to the finish line is quite difficult, you need flexible feet to easily overcome obstacles. Sometimes you don't need to be too big or fancy, but use all your imagination for the legs. You won't be able to tell if your drawing helps the cube win.

Thing you need to pay attention


The sooner you reach the finish line, the more money you get. In addition, you also get the bonus from the spins multiplying by two, three, four, and five times. You can rely on your luck to land the slots. You will know how lucky you are.

Movement speed upgrade

Sometimes you wonder why your opponent can go faster than you no matter how flexible your legs are. Part of whether you win or not is speed. The money you earn is not to be given away. Use it for the main purpose of upgrading your movement speed. It will improve and help you win many matches. Each time you upgrade the amount to get faster speed also need more money.