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A reporter needs to record the moment when the place is full of snow, suddenly he encounters a snowman. Help him avoid the snowman attack in Dudeball.

The plot

A resident reporter living in the arctic. He has a job to film events and phenomena in this cold, snowy place. A beautiful person he was about to turn on the camera suddenly appeared where a snowman appeared, causing him to panic. And your job is to help the reporter stay as far away from the snowman as possible.

If you know baseball, the game is similar. Starting off, you will be a snowman using a stick to beat this reporter to the finish line to score points. Adjust the attack speed so that the reporter hits the target.

Things you need to watch out for in the game

Landing with parachute

If the hitting distance is too far from the destination, use the parachute landing option to land at the right destination or you will fly out of the field and receive no points.

The landmarks in the air

Do you think the big black dots in the air are for the scene? No problem. This is very useful for you if the first hit is too low and not far away. Use these landmarks to swing from one landmark to another until you reach your destination.

The floats

The floats are long red rectangles. It has the effect of helping you fall here and jump up in the air.

Gold coin

Collect gold coins in matches to unlock characters. Don't mistake the red dot as a landmark for swinging from one point to another with gold coins with golden dots. Collect as much as you can.