Emilys New Beginning

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Emily's restaurant reopening journey in Emily's New Beginning. Emily hasn't reopened the restaurant in a while after she had a baby. Recently she decided to reopen the restaurant.

Emily's plot in Emily's New Beginning

Emily has a restaurant, she and her husband are very interested in their restaurant. However, she had to close the restaurant for the sake of her children. However, after she gave birth, she needed to realize she needed to reopen the restaurant for business to feed her family. Her husband is very sympathetic and supportive of her decision and decision to take care of her children. He even suggested the menu for the first day of reopening.

Things to note

Agility in service

A second day begins. Please be satisfied with the menu that customers request. Do it quickly, clean up the dining room as soon as customers have finished eating because if you don't clean up, new customers will be very upset and leave. And do it quickly before customers leave if you take too long or make them wait too long

Score bar

There will be a score bar in the lower right corner of the screen that is the number of points you earn. Try to do it fast to earn a lot of money and make the most of the score bar