Extreme Drag Racing

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Extreme Drag Racing overview

Prepare to enter the thrilling race in Extreme Drag Racing. Compete against AI opponents, speeding forward as fast as you can to overtake your opponents. Choose a car with parameters that you think are suitable to fight the opponent.

Take on a racing challenge with AI

This game trains you to be patient every time your opponent reaches the finish line first. You have to be ambitious to get to the finish line first. Surely, you will be very annoyed and impatient after the opponent passes you. You don't know how they can pass you no matter how hard you try to press the gas. Try in every way that you can overcome your opponent.

Buy a car at the store

There are seventeen cars waiting for you to unlock. To be able to unlock them, use the money that you earn after your wins. Collect all the cars in the shop.

How to beat your opponent

Take full control of your vehicle by spinning the engine with the up arrow key, high gearing when starting. Use the left arrow to slow down if necessary. Press and hold the arrow keys to speed up to the fastest level of the car. Each race does more than 400 meters, the race allows opening the opportunity to gain a chance to win. Get ready for battle, launch your car as fast as you can and try to get to the finish line first.