Find The Way Home Maze Game

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Help the ghost return to its home in Find The Way Home Maze Game. The ghost is stuck in the maze full of surveillance demons, avoid them, collect stars and go home.

Help the ghost find its way home

The blue ghost is lost and fell into a maze full of orange demons walking around. Help this ghost go and avoid encountering orange demons on your way home. On the way back, don't forget to collect all the stars you see on the way. Although the orange demons are always around the way, if you go in the right direction, it is still possible to wriggle through and collect stars.

The game has a total of 30 levels. To be able to go home, you must complete these 30 levels. Note to stay away from the orange demons and collect 3 stars on the way home. Levels do not have too much difference in terms of other obstacles, merely changing the path, the position of the orange demons and stars. This is a healthy game that can be easily played by children. A light game that is very suitable for after a series of work, stress.

How to control the character

Move the blue ghost with arrow keys.