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Icy Purple Head 2

Icy Purple Head 2 helps the purple cube find its way back to the house it belongs to which is a carton. Overcome many obstacles to complete the mission. Challenging 25 levels can make you difficult.

Overcoming the challenge to return to the carton

Our main character is a square block with a purple shape. However, he has no limbs so he cannot move to the carton by himself. However, there is a feature that only he has that is that as long as you click on him, he will immediately turn to stone and can move and slide down the terrain.
Help the cube move back to its carton. And on the way he will encounter various obstacles. Try to stay away from them so as not to die.

The obstacles

Some things you need to avoid like spikes, currents or icebergs. These things kill you instantly. Have the right strategies so you don't have to try again and again.

Support item

In some levels, you will encounter something like a vacuum that helps you move and get close to the target. The vacuum cleaner only works when in a normal state, not petrified. Next to this support tool are deadly obstacles, try to move in the right position.

Prove your talent through levels

The levels of the game have shown the difficulties that you need to overcome. These 25 levels can make it difficult for you or not as the levels become more and more difficult. Challenging challenges also appear besides Traffic Jam 3D. If you are a conqueror, do not hesitate to experience it right away.