Idle Country Tycoon

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About Idle Country Tycoon

Become the biggest business tycoon in the city in Idle Country Tycoon. Take control of all offices, branches and headquarters in several countries.

Invest your money wisely by upgrading your infrastructure: build restaurants, shopping malls, bookstores, eateries, water bars and all kinds of other necessities to meet your needs. customer base.

To-dos in the game

Take on the role of a business tycoon of all goods in a colorful commercial center with the image of Thailand. At the beginning of the game, you will have money to enter a bookstore, the job is to click on the bookstore booth until you have enough money to hire the staff in charge of you to do that task. Now you do not need to do anything but wait for the money to return to your pocket. Think bigger by upgrading your bookstore and upgrading your staff to collect money faster.

Expand other stalls

The higher the upgrade, the faster you earn money. When you have a good amount of money, expand the restaurant and do the same as a bookstore. You will find that the profit of the restaurant is several dozen times that of the bookstore and soon you have enough money to open a new store. And do the same thing with 8 stalls with 8 different items. And the higher it goes, the more profitable the items are.

Area expansion

After you have opened all the stores in Thailand, then expand to foreign countries like Japan, China, Italy and Singapore. Becoming a business tycoon is not too far away for you in this game. If you ever had a business dream, the game can help you enlighten.