Idle Zoo

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Help the old zoo get back up and running in Idle Zoo. You and your fellow volunteers have a mission to help restore the zoo's habitat and renew the zoo.

The Story of Idle Zoo

You are a member of the city's child volunteers. Just recently, the group of friends heard that the old zoo that had been closed for many years was likely to have to be demolished and moved to another purpose. This means, the childhood of the children in the city will be lost. Because every time my parents let me go out, the choice and the wrong place is the zoo. Losing the zoo is losing a child's childhood. In order for this not to happen, the children in the volunteer union must find a way to restore the zoo before it is removed by the government.

Start the restoration work

Select the area you want to visit. Upgrade the areas of each animal and first the penguin area. To be able to upgrade, you need to have money and how to get money and have a lot of money to quickly recover all animal areas.

First you need to collect coins from the area around the fountain with mouse click. Keep clicking until you have enough money for the first upgrade of the penguin area.

The higher you upgrade, the more money you get. In addition, you should also buy more young creatures to increase the number of animals in an area, which also helps you to have more money. Combine clicks and automatic coins from upgrades to unlock other animal areas.

Quickly re-expand all areas in the zoo and continue your regeneration journey somewhere else.