Jumper Jam 2

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Jumper Jam 2 is a fun game about how to jump. Help your character jump on the platforms. Along the way, collect gold coins and avoid creatures that can cost you your life.

Specifically about Jumper Jam 2

In Jumper Jam 2, help our protagonist jump as high as possible. Let's jump on the platforms and move to the places where there are gold coins. In the process of going there will be a train that helps you fly faster to the top, try to collect and use it and earn gold coins. Avoid touching creatures that fly by because they cause you to lose your life.


Depending on the context you choose, you will encounter obstacles that can cost you your life. Regardless of the creature, be as careful as possible and stay away from it as far as possible.

The life

You only have 3 lives done in a level. Take advantage and make good use of your lives and avoid encountering creatures that stand in your way. With just two taps you will lose two lives, which makes you need to be more cautious in your jumps.

Character selection

Before starting the game, you can choose one of two characters, a monster or a human. Optionally choose the character you want.

Various contexts

You can experiment with three different scenarios: desert, icy, and rainforest. Each scene has different obstacles. However be on the lookout for everything when you jump. Avoid all creatures that you can see because they can harm you. Move forward and go up the platforms. Jump as far as possible.