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King Of Thieves is one of the good entertainment games released by Zeptolab. Control the main character is a nimble black creature that overcomes obstacles and advances to the treasure.

Game developer

Zeptolab is a famous cartoon game maker. If you have ever played Cut The Rope, you will not be able to forget the simple gameplay but eye-catching and lovely graphics with the green frog. In the game King Of Thieves, too, the program design is simple, but its most outstanding feature is the lovely, eye-catching graphics. Our main character is a black creature wearing a ninja costume and trying to rob treasure in the maze. He learns that there is treasure in the depths of the forest and that as a bandit, where there is treasure, there is him. Help him fulfill his ambition.

Journey to steal treasure in King Of Thieves

Guide play

Move the main character to the treasure chest. However, to get to the treasure is not easy, you will have to go through many challenges to get it. Avoid obstacles are sawtooth, strange creatures because they make you lose your life.

The treasure trip hunts never ends. The challenges will get harder as you go deeper. Besides, you can experience Traffic Jam 3D and another racing games.

Respect life

Notice your life toolbar in the upper right corner of the screen. The more times you do it, the more your life will decrease, which means you will receive less stars and less reward. Try not to make the same mistake too many times and keep 3 stars to get more bonuses.